The Art Curriculum Children Love!

Written for homeschool or independent study, these books are so student friendly that anyone, experienced or novice, will feel comfortable producing original and expressive works of art. ARTistic Pursuits reaches out to all children and young adults who want to learn, capturing their interests as they work from direct observation and personal preferences. Parents, teachers, and students agree that this is the art curriculum they've been looking for!

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Preschool, Ages 3, 4, and 5

This book provides information for the parent on children's artistic development and how to encourage creativity and awareness within your child. It is also a book for the child, including works by the Masters and projects to engage young hands and minds.

Early Elementary, Grades K-3

Books at the K-3 level introduce children to the visual arts and view art through history. Colorful illustrations, art appreciation, and projects designed for young hands and minds delight students and appeal to their interests. Non-consumable. One set serves your entire family!

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Elementary, Grades 4-5

Elementary 4-5, Middle School, and High School students learn technical skills while creating original works of art. Book One at each level provides an overview of drawing, covering the elements of art and composition. Book Two at each level provides an overview of color theory and composition. These books are non-consumable. One set serves your entire family!

Middle School, Grades 6-8

High School, Grades 9-12

Sculpture Books

New sculpture books are the first of their kind to bring the methods of construction and modeling into the home environment while introducing key elements of three-dimensional design. These books are non-consumable. One set serves your entire family!


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