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Our Promise to You

We selected the best student-grade art materials on the market today. These products will perform beautifully in the hands of your child!

Many customers want to purchase quality items without the doubts, time, and expense of a trip to a retail art supply store. If that is you, consider purchasing an ARTistic Pursuits art supply pack or shop at Blick Art Materials with art supply lists that we've created for each book, including our two new sculpture books. We've selected our favorite products for you. You simply decide which purchasing method suits your needs!

ARTistic Pursuits Art Supply Packs

ARTistic Pursuits Art Supply Packs come with all the art supplies you need for each book. Each pack comes with an ARTistic Pursuits tote bag so that supplies can be neatly stored together and carried when working outdoors. Click on a picture to see a complete list of supplies and to purchase from this site.

K-3 kit 1

Early Elementary K-3 Pack One

k3 2

Early Elementary K-3 Pack Two

k3-3supply kit

Early Elementary K-3 Pack Three

4-6 Kit one

Elementary 4-5 Pack One

45 2

Elementary 4-5 Pack Two

ms 1

Middle School Pack One

ms 2

Middle School Pack Two

sh 1

High School Pack One

sh2 supply kit

High School Pack Two

pre-school supply kit




Blick Art Materials, Discount Art Supplies

Purchase items at discounted prices from the Blick Art Materials site. For your convenience, this company provides lists with materials that we have selected from their store. If you want Blick's best discounted prices, place your order on-line rather than by phone or catalog. Click on the "Blick U Course Supply Lists" button below. Under the "Student" section select, "Find your Blick U. course supply list here." Then select "Colorado" for the state and "Artistic Pursuits Pre K-12 Art Curriculum" for the school. You'll see all of our titles there. Select the title you want. The suggested supplies will be added to your Blick shopping cart. Make any changes in quantity that you wish and complete your purchase. Exact items may vary from those in the Artistic Pursuits art supply packs, however the choices made are of equal value and quality. Artistic Pursuits Inc.is compensated for linking to dickblick.com.

Please note that the ARTistic Pursuits tote bag is not included when purchasing supplies from Blick Art Materials.



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