What's Happening at Conferences?

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2017 Homeschool Conferences:

  • GHC, Fort Worth, Texas. Feb 23-25
  • TPA, Wichita, Kansas. March 10-11
  • GHC, Greenville, South Carolina. March 16-18
  • MPE, Kansas City, Missouri. April 7-8
  • GHC, Cincinnati, Ohio. April 20-22
  • OCHEC, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. May 5-6
  • NCHE, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. May 25-27
  • GHC, Ontario, California. June 16-18

Join Daniel Ellis to find out more about children and their art. Look in your convention catalog for topics and times!

Dan Ellis

Daniel D. Ellis, graaduate of the Kansas City Art Institute and co-developer, speaker, illustrator, and web designer for Artistic Pursuits Inc. has over fourty years of experience in the fine arts, which includes testing new art materials and teaching 1-12 art, photography, and art history. He and his wife homeschooled their three children, now graduates, while developing the widely popular ARTistic Pursuits Series for homeschoolers, founded in 1999. Daniel’s artworks include local landscapes of the Rocky Mountain region and figurative paintings. He currently resides with his wife, Brenda, and family in a busy, creative household in Northglenn, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.



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