ARTistic Pursuits- art curriculum for your homeschool art instruction needs.

When looking for a homeschool art program, teach the whole subject of art.

We bring art instruction, art appreciation, and art history together. Your child will develop observation skills and make decisions involving creative thinking skills, while focusing on art techniques using quality art materials. If drawing isn’t your strength, you can relax and rely on the text to teach art as it seamlessly integrates all these components of a fine arts education with engaging, full color art lessons. Sit back or join in the fun while children produce artworks that are uniquely their own; not a copy-by-following example, but one-of-a-kind creations. As children apply the concepts presented in each lesson of these award winning books, they are learning, wholly engaged, and participating in the mindset of an artist.

Our Homeschool Art Program

Childhood development studies were foundational to the layout of the program. ARTistic Pursuits lessons offer children the right kinds of information at the right time. We expect a child to be a child and we value what they produce from their own hands. Projects do not try to force young children to draw like adults. Our projects do not require patience and discipline on the part of the child, which leads to frustration. Children don't need patience when their own interests and motivations are guiding them. Engaging each child’s interests is at the forefront of each Artistic Pursuits lesson.

Developing Observation Skills

Children are curious and expressive from the start. We work with those interests to teach them to observe more closely. Using ARTistic Pursuits, a child carries art tools to locations which both inspire and are chosen by the child. Children are guided to observe the featured art topic of each lesson in their own environment, while making connections to real-world examples. Skills develop as each child observes nature directly and enjoys the process of creating. Making informed choices to create personal work gives a child a sense of accomplishment that cannot be attained by copying from a book or from a video. They learn because direct observation of real world sources is the best teacher when accompanied by an understanding of the foundational elements of art and compositional ideas.

Our Promise to You

We've selected the best student-grade art materials on the market today. These products will perform beautifully in the hands of your child! Many customers want to purchase quality items without the doubts, time, and expense of a trip to a retail art supply store. If that is you, consider purchasing an ARTistic Pursuits art supply pack. Another option is to shop at Blick Art Materials using art supply lists that we've created for each book. You will find those links following our art supply pack information for each book. We've selected our favorite products for you. You simply decide which purchasing method suits your needs!

You Can Relax!

But, I don’t know how to draw.

You don’t have to draw. The lessons lay the groundwork for children to create their own artworks with purpose and greater knowledge. In grades 4-12, students can work independently. At the K-3rd grade level, you gather the art materials listed on the project page, then learn alongside your children, as you read the lesson text. They create the art. That’s how easy it is to use this curriculum.

But, I don’t have time to learn a new subject.

We take art seriously so you don’t have to learn it in order to teach it. Using a sequential approach, the ARTistic Pursuits lessons are made of unique components that flow smoothly to facilitate learning. The material is designed to work with the stages of artistic development that children naturally progress through. So you can relax, knowing that at every age your children are getting the type of information that they want and the challenges needed for greater learning and growth.

But, I don’t want to deal with art supplies.

So art supply stores aren’t your thing? We’ve chosen a variety of quality art supplies for each book and with a click of the button - they’ll arrive at your door.

Not Copying by Following, or Step-by-Step? What you WILL NOT find in ARTistic Pursuits:

  • NO formal exercises that make no connections to real world experiences. We will not ask your child to draw a page of straight lines, circles, cones, and cubes. The development of eye/hand coordination, which may improve with such exercises, happens more easily when children draw objects that they enjoy and are willing to draw. Our assignments take them there!

  • NO single technique to learning. This is not a program of step-by-step copy exercises typical of How-to-Draw books and most on-line art courses. The technique of teaching kids to draw by mimicking small fragments of lines, blobs, and smears does nothing to help them draw real objects. This approach eventually leads to dependency as they need an adult to break the subject down for them and don’t know how to do it themselves. By instructing students to draw from real objects, the student must see the whole, edit to simplify, and then build the whole again through the use of line and color. ARTistic Pursuits employs a variety of drawing techniques practiced by trained artists. Children see how it’s done through examples, then find their own subject and apply their new knowledge to their own works. In this way they’ve learned a skill that they can use for a lifetime.

  • NO tiny boxes which students are asked to sketch into. Artists don't work in 2" x 2" squares and we won't ask your students to do something that is physically uncomfortable. With a 9"x12" sketch book, they practice the type of whole hand and whole arm movements needed to make art. Art requires the use of the larger muscles of the hand (moving at the wrist), and arm (moving at the shoulder). Small muscle groups are used less often, therefore large sheets of paper are needed, 9"x12" or 11" x 14".

  • NO kids sitting in front of the TV or computer screen as they copy step-by-step examples. Assignments guide children to work from life, including the outdoors. The stillness of a natural setting revives our spirits. To be in nature helps us to become keen observers of our surroundings and active in our participation. Children benefit from time spent observing, and learn to "focus in" and "ponder" rather than "tuning out" to harsh sounds and fast paced visuals that TV and computer programs present to them. One mom wrote, "My son took his ARTistic Pursuits book and art tools out to the pasture. He's been sitting there with his dog for quite a long time, drawing something in the distance. I couldn't be happier!"

The Artistic Pursuits Philosophy

At Artistic Pursuits Inc., we believe every child can understand the concepts of art and enjoy the process of putting ideas and visual images on paper. We're committed to the goal of helping children become visually aware of the wonderful world we live in, and be able to work in creative ways within this world. We offer parents and teachers a simple way to give children a quality art education that will prepare them to meet creative challenges in their future endeavors.

Start Today!

Why start today? Because your children want to express their ideas through art. Art is really another language. Alongside the written word, art is the best way for children to tell their stories, explore ideas of sentimental value, tell others what they are thinking, and to learn to think creatively. OK, let’s just say the obvious; kids who like art - love art materials. That's good for them, because using those materials requires the kind of hands-on activities that are shown to boost brain function. Finally, your child is growing and changing every year and you want to capture their thoughts and ideas through art at every stage of their lives. So don’t let another year go by without adding art to their homeschool journey.

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